Among our tools we have many ways to display disinterest; this is the only tool we have, though, that gives girls a once-in-a-lifetime feeling that they’ll remember forever. Girls always claim to want the guys from romance movies—they’re sweet and charming—but whenever a girl actually meets one of these guys, she puts him into the Friend Zone. Many of you have probably experienced this first hand, so instructing you to display disinterest may seem foreign or unnatural. With Tongue in Cheek Romanticism, you can be that sweet guy, staying true to your personality, while still getting the girl.

Here’s the basis for a Tongue in Cheek Romanticism line: deliver the sweet, charming, romantic, truthful statement—maybe even embracing the girl and making it slightly over the top—then burst out laughing and use some False-Disqualifier Kino. This allows the girl to feel, for a second or two, that she is in a romance movie (something she probably has never felt before) but then prevents all the negative side-affects that come along with being the sweet type of guy.

Here are a few examples:

If someone spills a drink near her, or a car splashes up water, grab her tight and say “Don’t worry baby, I’ll protect you,” then release and laugh for a second or two—make sure you’ve been playful enough that she laughs too.

If she calls you a player or asks if you are seeing other girls, take her hand and and get on one knee and say “Awe, come on sweetie, you know you’re the only girl for me!” then drop her hand, stand up, and laugh.

While these seem cold, they are actually very loving; if you actually said those sweet things to her, she may not end up with you, so by balancing them out with a Disqualifier, you actually enable her to like or love you—how romantic is that?

Note—Do not use this every chance you get; once or twice will serve nicely.