Attraction takes a few minutes to build, so how do people get One Minute K-Closes, and Non-Verbal K-Closes? Well, all their success can be attributed to a little thing called Buying Temperature; we are, of course, talking about emotional state. A “pumped” Buying Temperature, or high emotional state, allows people to make impulsive decisions that they normally would not.

So, to get that One Mminute or Non-Verbal K-Close, we have to pump Buying Temperature: this is done through severe push/pull, coupled with Eye Game, Roleplays, Time Distortion Effect, DHVs, and a steep Kino Escalation. Here are some examples:

One Min K-Close

Hey (push), so I have to go (pull), but I just wanted to let you know that you have a really interesting style (push), and you don’t really see that very often down here (qualifier). So here’s a high five for good style (push)! Aww, c’mon, that was awful (pull)! Let’s try again. Oh much better (qualifier)! Oh, you’re adorable (push), I’m going to adopt you as my little sister (pull + hug) and we’re going to climb trees and drink kool aid (qualifier)! Well, I have to go, but do you know what a ‘French Goodbye’ is? It’s three kisses: one (kiss left cheek), two (kiss right cheek), and (smile) three (kiss lips)!

Non-Verbal K-Close

  1. DHV through Dance floor Game
  2. Qualification through Eye Game
  3. Pump Buying temperature further by dancing together
  4. Kino escalation
  5. K-Close

Having someone make a decision based on Buying Temperature, as opposed to legitimate attraction and comfort, may breed Buyer’s Remorse. Buyer’s Remorse means exactly what you may think it means: the person who made the impulsive decision regrets making it, and thus, avoids reminders—such as you. Bummer, I know.

All is not lost though! When you pump a girl’s Buying Temperature, you make her more willing to comply, so feel free to use this to get investment, which builds genuine attraction and comfort, thus avoiding Buyer's Remorse.

Note—I realize how insane these sound. It's something that took me very long to wrap my head around enough to try, but it does work—if done properly.

Note—Do not do any Non-Verbal or accelerated closes if you sense disinterest or hesitation. Do not—I reapeat, do not—force yourself on anyone in any capacity.

Note—The first routine here is a compilation of highly successful gambits that I've seen others use, which I combined to use for this purpose. Credit goes to AFC Adam, Derek, Cajun, Mystery, and others.