Kino, short for kinesthetic, is touching a girl in a way that makes her comfortable with your contact. We escalate the frequency and intensity of our Kino smoothly—that way nothing we do physically seems like a big deal. In fact, she should not even notice or react to these touches. Kino’s purpose is two-fold: first, to keep us out of the Friend Zone, and second, to have our physical desires fulfilled naturally. As we escalate, we follow a many step ladder (the Kino-Ladder), which goes as follows:

  1. Light touches on arm/ shoulder/ body
  2. Hand play (thumb wrestling, slaps, and so on)
  3. Longer-Duration touches on arm/ shoulder/ body
  4. Hand holding
  5. Hand on knee/ leg
  6. Arm in Arm
  7. Hug
  8. Sit on Lap
  9. Hold—Embrace
  10. Smelling
  11. Hair Pulling
  12. Biting (neck, inner elbow)
  13. Kissing
  14. Tongue Play
  15. Frenching
  16. Feeling Up
  17. 3rd Base
  18. Hanky Panky

Note—You are neither required to use nor confined to all of the steps above; feel free to explore your boundaries and the boundaries of others.

6 years ago—I postulated 5 different categories of Kino: Friend, Generic, Transferred, False-Disqualifier, and Advanced. They have held true in my and my students’ experiences thus far.

Friend Kino

This is possibly the most important category of Kino, not because you have to do it, but because too many guys get stuck doing it. I am not going to instruct you to avoid this type, but make your stay in it brief. Friend Kino includes hugs, hand play, and some light touches. If you spend more than 2 hours cumulatively at any of these ladder steps without advancing, then you will end up in the Friend Zone. Not fun.

Generic Kino

These stages of kino you can do in public: Hand Holding, Hugging, Embracing, Sitting on Lap, Arm in Arm, Hand on Knee, Kissing, etc. These are ‘generic’ because they require no extra skill or practice—anyone can do them right away.

Transferred Kino

The uses of this type of Kino are usually confined to the classroom environment, but we should go over it anyway. If a girl has an object inside her Intimate spacial boundaries (refer to Comfort), then touching the object has a similar effect to touching her. For example, if I rest my arm on the back of an adjacent chair, in which a girl is sitting, I may as well be touching her.

False-Disqualifier Kino

Any touch that displays disinterest falls under this category; the main touches found here are pushes (you place your hand on the girl and push yourself away, no force is put on the girl). When you do them be playful and try saying something like “Don't touch me! I don't even touch myself—you don't touch me!” with a big smile.

Advanced Kino

This category consists of everything that people usually do not do in public: Biting, Hair Pulling, Frenching, Feeling Up, Smelling, 3rd Base, etc. The only way to get to these kino stages, though, is to escalate to them smoothly; jumping ahead to this category without taking the proper steps will leave you unsuccessful.

Note—For Kino to work properly, you must pretend not to notice it, so do not look at the area you touch. If the girl suspects that you plan your touches, then she will get severely creeped out. Touching happens naturally, so why would you notice? You wouldn’t. So don’t.

In fact, you should work towards becoming a naturally more touchy person. Honestly, the idea of kino as a practice is pretty weird; touching should be a part of who you are, not a part of what you do.