I'll be blunt with you; I'm not a fan of prose, so I did not write a text book. Instead, I wrote a conversation between me and you.

I hope you don't mind the unconventional nature of this, but the teachers from whom I learn the most are the ones who cut the crap and get real with me.

In an effort to help you learn in the most effective way possible, I wrote down exactly what I would say to you if you were to come to one of my bootcamps.


Oh, I almost forgot—you probably will not read the whole book; I planned it out that way. Read the first two parts, Sub-Communication and Inner-Game, then put the book down for a few weeks and test out what you've learned. If you don't get the results you want, then come back and read General Skills, Adult Game, Teen Game, then either Purds, or Prudes depending on your goals. Friendship and Optional, are, well, optional.