Many people search and search for the golden line, or the magic word; the truth is, no such thing exists. While this truth sounds disappointing at first, realizing and accepting it actually makes communicating abundantly more efficient. Image being able to say three sentences at the exact-same time—sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, you do it naturally 24/7.

You’ve probably heard it before: “You speak with more than just your words.” In fact, the content of what you say (the words themselves) make up only 7% of the total message you are putting out. Among the other 93%, Body Language totals 52, Tonality another 35, and peripherals the remaining 6. We call these Levels of Communication, and practice becoming fluent in them constantly.

Now, upon mastery, we can use the Levels to our advantage: communicating from afar using Body Language, sending micro-signals with our tone, and pushing people’s buttons without even saying a word.