You know how when two girls look at each other, they can seemingly share thoughts? It has a name—Girl Coding. Females can beam information to each other over thin air by simple glances. This enables them to talk about how hot, how annoying, or how oblivious a guy is—without saying a word—directly in front of him. Do not be that guy.

Imagine being able to talk to a girl without anyone hearing, being able to read minds without being magic, or being able to create attraction without saying a word. Trust me, Girl Coding is one of the most valuable tools guys can learn.

Option 1. Go and observe Girl Coding as closely as possible. After a while of detailed examination, you may be able to dissect the process of Girl Coding and learn it yourself. Pay attention to subtle facial expressions and any soft sounds. Try to soak in every body language cue and non-verbal transmission. How else, then, can you learn Girl Coding?

Option 2. Read and study facial expressions and body language. Due to time and content limits, I shall not delve into the topic of facial expression—there’s just too much to cover. I suggest reading Emotions Revealed by Paul Ekman. Finally, we have…

Option 3. Fake it. I know, I know—that is not quite what you want to hear, but it is your next best option. Pay attention to context; often times, you can figure out a girl’s mood by simply paying attention. Sounds crazy, I know, but please do it.

Practice sending messages to women with your eyes; start with friends as to avoid creeping people out. If you have a close female friend, ask her to let you practice on her—weird, I know, but helpful. After you’ve gathered enough experience practicing in ‘safe’ environments (with friends), go out and try sending messages to strangers without talking to them or approaching them. You will be surprised by their reactions—in a good way. Often times you can intrigue someone by merely shooting them a glance. Try it out.

I think it goes without saying that you should try (a) to send predominantly positive messages and (b) not to stare at strangers.