Future Projections are stories involving you and your target in a hypothetical situation some amount of time in the future. The setting of the story should be a date location a few months down the line. This creates a memory of an event that never happened, contributing to the Time Distortion Effect. Future Projections allow you to build massive amounts of (perceived) time investment, and thus, attraction and comfort.

These stories ought to be coupled with kino—since, in the story, you two have been dating for a while. This allows you to get away with going arm-in-arm, put your arm around her, hold her hand, embrace, etc.

Using the skills in decoding her favorite sense you can learn by reading How to Make Friends Pt. III, you may tailor your stories to her to create the best effect possible. For instance: if she prefers visual, use verbs like “picture,” “see,” “visualize,” etc.; If she prefers her auditory sense, use “hear,” “listen,” “note,” etc.; If she prefers her kinesthetic sense, use “feel,” “notice,” “sense,” etc..

Note—Use this only with girls whom you have a strong desire to date; this technique is very powerful and should not be used on girls for whom you have no legitimate feelings.

Here’s an example for you:

So, picture us, four months down the line—we’ve been dating for a while, so it’s about time to meet your parents. Well, it’s my birthday, so we decide to host a little dinner party. We invite your friends and my friends and my parents and your parents.

Now, at this point, I like most of your friends—except one, you know who—and you’re patient with my friends—I know they can get loud. So we’re alright with all them coming, but we need to get ready for me to meet your parents. I mean, we want them to like me, right? So I decide to cook dinner—you know, to make a good first impression. I somehow land on enchiladas. I don’t even know how to cook enchiladas.

So you and your parents and your friends all arrive just as I pull them out of the oven. I have you come over to taste them while everyone mingles in my living room, and they’re bloody awful. And I mean, they’re right disgusting.

Crisis mode—everyone’s arriving, your parents are meeting my parents, my friends are making fools of themselves in front of everyone, and the enchiladas taste like garbage.

Well, what’s the next best thing to enchiladas? Pizza. So you save my birthday by calling Domino’s and getting 10 large pizzas, taking everyone’s order so they’re not some pedestrian, replacement pizzas.

You’ve saved my party, my birthday, and your parents love me! Huzzah!

This story is not anything special, it does not have any secret words that make her love you (that’s NLP), nor does it put her in a trance; it merely puts a memory in her head of a party that never happened, and never has to happen.