You’ve already practiced Girl Coding (right?), so now it’s time for you to put it to good use! Often times, you can build enough attraction to close by simply giving a look. This look needs to come from not only the eyes, but also the face and body; it must telegraph a kingly, mysterious status. Try Girl Coding the following message to a trusted female friend: “Hey, I’m high value, and you’ll have to talk to me a while to get me, but I do want you to get me.” Afterwards, ask her how she felt when you looked at her.

If you find yourself unable to send the correct message to your friend, then practice this look in the mirror. If that fails, find models from television to copy; James Bond, Tyler Durden, Hitch, etc. After annoying your friend to death, and watching every 007 movie, resort to Plan B.

Plan B: If you’ve ever kissed a girl, then you can execute this plan—when you are about to kiss a girl, you get a certain look on your face and in your eyes (trust me). If you cannot figure out how to give the look described above, simply give the Plan B look; imagine you are about to kiss the girl, and you’ll nail it.