Most guys go wrong by building comfort with girls before attempting to attract them, thus landing themselves in the Friend Zone. Comfort is a sense of rapport; agreement discovered or created only through long-term exposure (or Simulated Deep Rapport Conversation, which we shall get to in C2: Rapport).

You and your best friend share a high level of comfort; in fact, you’re probably so comfortable that you insult each other often without caring. If you have a sibling, you probably feel very comfortable with him or her too. It happens naturally; whether or not you like the person, if you spend a large amount of time with him, you will develop comfort with him. All comfort is divided into three parts: Social Comfort, Casual Comfort, and Intimate Comfort.

Social Comfort

This is the comfort level one establishes to become part of another group of people (also known as reaching the Social Hook Point). Later we shall go over this type of comfort and how to build it in belaboring detail. For now, just know that this is the comfort level two people share when they have exchanged a few minutes of interaction, but are not yet considered friends. The spatial boundaries for this comfort level range from 3' to 12'.

Casual Comfort

You share this kind of comfort with your brothers, sisters, and friends. By definition, when you and a person share Casual Comfort with each other, you feel casual around that person; you do not put up a facade or front: you act yourself. The spatial boundaries for this comfort level range from 1'6" to 3'.

Intimate Comfort

Have you ever seen a boyfriend and girlfriend who kiss and touch each other in public? Not the gross couple that needs to get a room, but your average couple committing PDA—they have intimate comfort. She feels fine when he smacks her bum, and he doesn’t mind her hanging all over him. This level of comfort rarely gets mentioned in books on game, yet without it, you cannot conquer the Friend Zone. The spatial boundaries for this comfort level range from 0" to 1'6".