There are several kinds of guys: Average Frustrated Chumps (AFCs), Friends, Wings, PUAs, and AMOGs. An AMOG (Alpha Male of Group) will try to tear down anyone not in his small tribe of look-alikes. Learn to spot AMOGs at a distance so you can prepare in case of an encounter. The classic description of an AMOG follows:

If you see one of these guys, he will probably have some degree of wit, and he may try to insult you or make you look stupid. If he does, you may need to earn a higher social value than he has.

You can do this by out-smarting him and beating him in a “verbal joust,” which may or may not include precisely planned physical gestures.

We have several methods for AMOGing (the act of making an AMOG look low value):


This is when you get the AMOG to do something for you, thus lowering his value compared to yours. Examples include:

AMOG (A): “(Insert anything insulting)”
You (Y): “I’m sorry?”
A: “(Starts to restate his comment)”
Y: “No, no—I heard you, I’m just… Sorry.”(cutting him off)

Y: “Say again/ Excuse me/ Can you hold this?”

A: “(insert anything that is supposed to be funny—insult or not)”
Y: “Oh! That was good man! Tell another (one/ zinger/ joke)!”

Mistaken Name

If the AMOG’s name is ‘Rick,’ call him ‘Dick.’ If his name is ‘Sam,’ call him ‘Spam.’

Positive Misinterpretation

Pretend to mishear everything the AMOG says as something positive. Examples include:

A: “Hey man, can you move?” (attempted tooling)
Y: “No, it’s cool man; you’re not in the way.” (as if he asked if you wanted him to move)

A: “Dude, you’re such a dick.”
Y: “No man, don’t be so hard on yourself, we can all be mean sometimes.” (as if he said he was a dick)

A: “Yeah, you’re (funny/ cool/ a stud), man!” (sarcastically)
You: “Thanks, man, but you’re much (funnier/ cooler/ more studly)!” (sincere)


Instructing someone on how to do something instantly puts you in a higher status position (no irony intended). You may use this to your advantage any time the AMOG tries to do anything.

A: “(Insert any insult/joke)”
Y: “No man, (insults/jokes) can't be plain like that; they have to pack a punch! They have to be funny! Here try again.”

A: “(Insert any insult/joke)”
Y: “Not bad man! Now, try again, but this time, make it sting more—really, just go for my nuts on this one!”


This is blatantly ignoring what he says, which shows that you honestly do not care for what he has to say. When using this method, it is important not to look at him even once.

Polite Disacknowledgement

This is along the lines of ignoring, but you take the split second to be 'polite' and say something to show you heard that he said something (not what he said, though).

A: “(anything)”
Y: “(Right/ Yeah/ Exactly/ Same/ Cool/ Sure/ Yup)”

Note—Make sure to revert back to whatever you were saying immediately after you use your Disacknowledgement word or phrase.


Make everyone believe that he is either mad or acting out, which lowers his value because he is perceived to be reacting.

A: “(anything)”
Y: “Hey man, there’s no need to get so mad.”
A: “I’m not mad!”
Y: “Okay man! I believe you! It’s okay!”

A: “(anything)”
Y: “Hey man, you don’t need to try so hard, we like you, okay?”
A: “I’m not trying hard, I just—”
Y: “Hey, hey, hey—we don’t need to get all technical. We already like you man, just be yourself.” (Cutting him off)


This is where you say something nice to the AMOG. While this seems regressive, you can play it off in two different ways that boost your value compared to his: compliment him like a teacher compliments a student for good work, or compliment him in a slightly sarcastic way.

Y: “Dude, you must have girls chasing you like crazy!”

Y: “Dude, how did you get so damn cool/ smart? I wish I could be that cool/ smart!”

Y: “Dude, can you teach me how to be so awesome?”

Y: “Not bad man, you make me proud.”


By actively showing that you do not respect or care for him, you may display a higher value: be careful with this though, you could ruin your own value if done too often or too harshly.


Ever wonder why jocks always touch each other and smack each other's butts? Well, they are trying to demonstrate their superiority over each other by demonstrating their sexual security; use this. Alpha males (such as you) touch Beta males (AMOGs); touch him on the shoulder, head, back, anywhere.

Note—If your AMOG is particularly Alpha, he may be good at countering these with more touching. Say you put your arm around him, and he, in return, puts his arm around you—what do you do? Well, smack his bum.