Every time you make an approach, you have two options: ‘game this girl’ and ‘make this girl my friend’. The latter option often gets overlooked. Many guys incorrectly believe that if a girl becomes their friend, then they’ve made a mistake. You need to see the big picture: attractive women have attractive friends.

Now, the really great part of this—when you meet a woman's friends, you have the same exact choice for each of them. Before you know it, you could have 10 more friends, and 20 more potential options. (Talk about Preselection!)

Say, though, that you want to speed up the process—you want to have 3 more friends and 10 more 'targets' within a week. Okay, do you have any pals that go to a school near you? Maybe a friend who swapped schools? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you’re set. Ask him if there are any school events coming up: a sports game, a school play, a book fair, an art show, a dance concert, a band concert: anything will do. Go to the event, approach as many girls as you want, make half of them your friends, make the other half targets. Now, start gaming your friends’ friends. If you met 6 girls, turned 3 into friends, 3 into targets, and started gaming your social circle. You now have around 12 options; not bad for one or two events.