One of the facts of this entire ordeal is that, eventually, things may get sexual. Now, that is not to say they have to or that they should, just that they may—depending entirely on whether or not you want to be anything more than friends with a girl. If you do, then you cannot avoid things getting sexual. Do not fear it; embrace it. In fact, sexuality underlies many of the tools we use; Eye Game, Direct Approaches, Buying Temperature, and Kino Escalation, just to name a few.

Get acquainted with being sexual; it’s in our blood. Think of it this way, not only has everyone in your family tree found a mate, but they’ve also had sex. We grow up in a society that discourages displaying how human one is; they make us watch asexual television shows and get mad at us for kissing girls. Well, we’re not children anymore—go out and have fun.

A girl once told me that I “exude sex appeal,” whatever that means. To be honest, at first I thought it was an insult (I did not know the meaning of exude), but I looked it up and asked her why, to which she replied “I don’t know, just everything about you is so sexual.” Undoubtedly a compliment. I do not claim the same thing; in fact, on a regular basis I would say that I’m no more sexual than the guy or girl next to me. At times, though, yes—I am, and you may be, very sexually appealing. While it’s not something you can merely decide, pointers cannot hurt your effort.

Understand that there is more to sex appeal than being good looking; we say this about attraction, and to be entirely honest, sex appeal and attraction go hand in hand. You must understand that certain attraction switches in a woman’s brain may be flipped to produce the impression of a strong sex appeal. Common people refer to this as the ‘X’ Factor, or the Secret Ingredient. Call it what you want, but do not mistake it. We’ll go over attraction further in depth later; turn to A2: Female to Male Attraction now if you wish.

Dress with style; now, you do not have to follow every trend, or even follow a trend at all. In fact, I suggest taking a trend, and changing it slightly so that you have your own unique style. At the time I originally wrote this, I had taken a smart, classy, modern look and added bright colors and suspenders. Make it your own. Also, fix your hair nicely. Once again—break away from the norm. Most guys get the normal haircut and do not worry about it. That’s not what we want to do. Experiment with different hair styles; you will be surprised with what you can pull off.

At the time of editing, I dress in greyscale and have very short hair. I gave myself a uniform a couple months ago and have stuck to it. It’s not flashy or exciting, but it’s fashionable and very me.

Display intelligence and control. We shall go over this in depth when we talk about attraction, but for now just know that you need to show that you are not only sexy but also smart. Do not, however, rub it in people’s faces—that is not socially intelligent. Be busy and independent—my advice: be as adult as possible while maintaining that childlike sense of fun and excitement. Easier said than done? Try it out.

Be happy and smile as often as you can. I know it may be difficult at times, but happy people naturally draw in others; we simply like positive people. If you want to complain, don’t.

If you want to frown or get mad, don’t. (Even if you cannot do this 24/7—hell, who can?—do this when you are in a social venue; this is not bottling up your feelings, it’s being aware that common etiquette dictates “do not bring others down.”)

This pointer may cause for you the most trouble out of all of them, yet it truly is the simplest: love yourself. When you grow accustomed to, and comfortable with, yourself and your body—others will too. Look at yourself in the mirror for at least 10 minutes a day; get used to your body, it does not matter if it’s perfect—it’s yours.

Be aware of how your body language affects others—we already went over this, just keep it in mind.

Finally, on a note of neuroscience, we all have “Mirror Neurons” in our brains that make us subconsciously mimic the feelings of those around us. They cause us to cringe when we see someone get kicked in the gonads, or frown when we see people cry. Use these to your advantage. If you possess the qualities of an attractive, or sexually appealing, male, then you can pull of using Intent. Make your intent clear on your face and body as you approach; the girl may spontaneously become very drawn towards you. Strange, I know.